EDU Learning Center – Elective Classes

Encouragement is extremely important in children’s art. It is the teacher’s responsibility to discover each child’s strength and to encourage and to develop the child’s abilities.

EDU art instructors encourage the students to be unafraid of expressing their creativity through art, and to not just enjoy making art, but to feel confident and free of restrictions while doing so. It is also essential that the students advance to the next level.

When a child thinks his or her work is done, there is always more that the child can do to improve upon it.

Tae Kwon Do

Academics aside, it is common knowledge that regular exercise offers many health benefits.  One of the biggest health issues in America is  do not get adequate exercise in their lives.  Tae Kwon Do is an ideal solution for many people because it not only promotes physical fitness, but also provides the added benefit of learning self-defense techniques. Through physical and mental training, Tae Kwon Do helps individuals become more resilient, confident, patient and strong. Tae Kwon Do is more then just a sport, it is an art form rooted in history and tradition.

By studying Tae Kwon Do, the student is opening his or her mind to new ideas, cultures, and ways of life.